Starwalker cancelled?

Starwalker cancelled?

The reality space show Starwalker is no more according to an official of the show Robert Brand. The show was being made by Myrmidon Enterprises, the same people who are attempting to sue ZGeek for $42.5 million.

A post on facebook by Robert Brand states “All, I am now unemployed as Starwalker has cancelled! I am now looking for work so please advise. In fact I would be pleased to develop other space based shows and would like to hear from any Australian film maker interested in doing something. I have taken note of the suggestions and I believe that there are distinct …possibilities. I have kept my end of the bargain with this group!”

Although on the official blog, it states “Change… and not a moment too soon.” So who knows what the future holds.

The show has been mired in controversy after people raising questions about the logistics of the show were banned from the Facebook discussion group. Further to this, it was revealed that Jonathan Nolan sent out a fake press release to various blogs under the assumed identity of Dianne Taylor of Polkadot PR (read more). Further to this was claims by Myrmidon Enterprises that Prof Stephen Hawking was involved in the show. A claim that was later proven to be false.



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