Tunesday – Bruce Springsteen Fire

Bruce wrote this in 1977 but didn’t release it. The Pointer Sisters turned it into a huge hit in 1979.

This recording is from the mid to late 80s when Bruce had the power to turn lesbians straight and impregnate them on sight. He also had the power to turn straight men gay. Apparently. You’d have to ask Marchpig for details.


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  1. sabreraider

    Not many people realize Courtney Cox is the girl pulled outta the audience and onto the stage in his “Dancing in the Dark” video.

    Bruce was one of the first cassette tapes I owned growing-up (along with Dire Straits and CCR).

  2. Tyrany

    bronco;1700985 wrote: Robin Williams’ Elmer Fudd version if you please…

    I was wondering if anyone would know that. I had that entire performance of Robin Williams on cassette and played it until it died a very, very messy death in the tape deck of an old car of mine.

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