Starwalker returns!

Starwalker returns!

A post on the official Starwalker blog has fired back at claims that the show has been cancelled.

Starwalker is very much alive and well, albeit with massive crew changes behind the scenes. The Dubai financial partner will be assuming direct financial control, and the American filming will concentrate entirely on the resources that the amazing and amazingly talented team led by John Spencer can provide for us.

The post also addressed “dramas” around the fake press release sent out by Jonathan Nolan which pretended to be from Polkadot PR CEO Dionne Taylor and the revelations by the Starwalker: It’s all a bad fraud group that Stephen Hawking is not involved with the show. The original press release claimed that Professor Hawking would have a role in the show and that UK company Red Vision would be co-producing. Two items that have since been proven to be false.

“As for the dramas to date – well, birth is always painful!”

According to the blog, the show will reveal it’s transport providers for the space flights and the two governments supporting the show by years end.

This should be interesting.



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