Catalyst Game Labs owner embezzels $850,000 in profits, builds house extention

OK, as you may well have been able to surmise from release schedules, Catalyst Game Labs is in a bit of a financial pickle, and it is somewhat unlikely that they will retain the license to make Shadowrun products. This is not because Shadowrun hasn’t been selling enough to cover expenses, but merely because a significant quantity of money is missing outright. Reliable sources put this figure at roughly $850,000. Which sounds like a lot, and it is. It is roughly 40% of Catalyst’s entire sales for last year, missing over a three year period. There will of course be lawsuits, and there are already people drawing up legal documents accusing Loren Coleman of having hired people to construct an extension on his house through the company as “freelance writers” and somehow reporting an estimated $100,000 of convention sales as $6,000. Whether that is actually true or not is – of course – a matter for the courts to decide. And decide they presumably will.
WTF, this sucks. why do the best RPG companies have this shit happen to them, and why Shadowrun and Battletech again.

Loren Coleman, you dirty fucker. Your name is now mud.

My housemate worked on the upcoming “8th World Almanac” and now is unsure if he will get paid or not.


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