I'd like to sing a song and it's not very long, Aaaaall coppers are …

It’s the five-letter word that police should from now on shrug-off.


Because a local court magistrate in Sydney ruled yesterday that the word “prick” was part of the every-day vernacular as he cleared a university student of an offensive language charge.

Waverley Local Court magistrate Robbie Williams made his comments during a hearing for science student Henry Grech, 22, who was charged following a heated argument with Senior Constable Adam Royds at Bondi Junction train station last year.

Mr Williams said he wasn’t satisfied that a “reasonable person” would be offended by the word prick in general conversation.

Yeah, you’re allowed to do it. But you still may get a truncheon in the ass for it.


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  1. Aardvark

    Since when have the police ever been reasonable people? Aside from when they’re shooting teenage hoodlums who are trying to run them down. And dragging off psychotic drug fiends for a night in the drunk tank. Also when they manage to find stolen vehicles and items and return them to their owners. When they’re thwarting the maniacle schemes of madmen, evil-doers and ne’erdowells, too. Those minor exceptions aside, when have the police ever been reasonable people?

  2. Minutiae

    NSW Police Association secretary Peter Remfrey said the legal system should not be making police “second-class citizens”.
    “We don’t think it is satisfactory for the courts to sanction this sort of language against police officers,” he said.
    “Police shouldn’t be punching bags for society, nor should they be open to this sort of abuse. One only has to contemplate the response of a magistrate if somebody called them a prick in their court. The magistrates should adopt the same approach to all people in the criminal justice system.”

    They aren’t second class citizens. Just like everyone else if they are being a prick, they can be called a prick. And they shouldnt be able to arrest someone for it just like I can’t arrest someone for it. Fucking pussies.

    Punching bags for society? Fuck off, if anyone is the punching bag it is the citizen. I should be able to speak to a police officer with a reasonable amount of anger and expression (which includes these words) without being bludgeoned or arrested. If I ‘show’ i am a physical threat or make a physical threat than I can see the need to arrest or bludgeon me.


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