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Jonathan Nolan the man behind the alleged TV show “Starwalker“, has emerged from hiding to launch a new venture. According to the Starwalker: It’s all a bad fraud website, the new business claims to be setting up solar power facilities in Vanuatu.

This was posted by a Robert Brand.

His latest “business” venture is solar powered ATMs in Vanuatu and solar farms. Pay him a flat fee of $165,000 and he will help you. Quite the entrepreneur. I have actually built solar powered systems. I wonder what his credentials are? He is in the middle of a court case at the moment for not paying actors on past productions and he missed this weeks appearance with rather a flimsy excuse. The group that was claiming was asked what they would like to do and they happy granted him the extra week to make good with the money. He must be pretty hard pressed at the moment to come up with another excuse for next week. This is actually from my viewpoint the start of the legal end for the guy. His wife and he are involved with the company he formed called IMFI Pty Limited. I had thought that she was not involved in his scams, but I have had to rethink this in recent times. I believe that she is really supporting this guy and protecting him.

Mr Brand is still persuing Mr Nolan for alleged unpaid wages in relation to the work he did for the now defunct Starwalker Reality TV show. Mr Nolan was involved in the attempt to sue us for $42.5 million for alleged defamation after users of ZGeek made fun of this conspiracy booklet claiming that nuclear bombs were used in the 9/11 and Bali bombing attacks.


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  1. sagit

    Number_Six;1627677 wrote: Seems that an arrest warrant has been issued for Nolan :)
    Once again a no-show in court.


  2. stimpy

    How could I not!? I make fun of people on here for actual facts… He’s still a loser and I will never give that stance up.

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