Windoze 8 announced???

Microsoft has been very secretive about the next version of its Windows operating system. After the success of Windows 7, everyone is very interested in the next iteration – Windows 8. A few leaks have been the only source of news about Windows 8 till now. A couple of months back we had told you about next generation Windows 8 Prototype computers from Microsoft.
However, a slip up from Microsoft Netherlands have put the release date in October 2010. Microsoft Netherlands published an article to mark the one year anniversary of the Windows 7 launch. The article deals with, well, Windows 7.


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  1. Aardvark

    Marchpig;1630027 wrote: “Steve” Gates?

    Y’know, Bill Ballmer’s boss. He was the guy who said “Developers” 36 times, while joyriding in stolen construction vehicles.

  2. Marchpig

    Oh that Steve Gates, right. How he slipped my feeble mind is perplexing to say the least. Silly me.
    Note to self: Get up to date with who’s who in the real world.

  3. sagit

    Shampyon;1630108 wrote: I was pretty impressed with Windows 7. Unlike Vista, it was a worthy upgrade from XP.

    Who wants to figure the odds of Win8 being the new Vista?

    Windows 7 IS the new Vista. srsly.

    Windows 8 will be Vista SP3….

  4. Ziggythecablemo

    By then Ubuntu development would have moved to somewhere that wages are cheap due to a shattered currency… Somewhere like San Francisco. The next release will then be called “Feisty Felcher”

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