Feel the funk from my dangling junk.

Think about it — if you’re a male, and you want to bollix-up the nonsensical airport security-industrial complex, one way to do so would be to wear a kilt. If nothing else, this will cause TSA employees to throw up their hands in disgust

I thinks me bits would be a bit cold in the air-con, but a nice sentiment. FIND THE PLASTIQUE JOHNNY! FIND THAT FUCKING PLASTIQUE.



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8 comments on “Feel the funk from my dangling junk.”

  1. dwarfthrower

    This is a form of conditioning to get us ready for more invasive procedures, to get you used to submitting to the government, and get you ready for the FEMA camps. Just like the flouride in the water, the GMO food, the chemtrail spraying, etc

    Ah yes… it all makes sense now :screwy:

  2. PsychoNavigator

    With a news title like that, should I assume that the pic is of a dickgirl?

  3. pinchy

    Slightly off topic, the stupidity of reasoning behind the security measures of liquids amazes me. Here’s a recent example of mine (Denpasar), this was at the departure lounge 2nd level of bag checking – I had already been through one set to get into the airport.

    security: you can’t take that [1 litre] bottle of water through
    me: but I bought it in the airport (points to a shop 5m away from the security station)
    security: you’re going to have to drink it or bin it
    me: ok, I’ll drink it
    security lets me through, asks me to stand aside so I’m not holding anyone back and watches me drink this potentially explosive liquid
    me: you’ve watched me drink half, is that enough proof for you it isn’t an explosive?
    security: you can’t bring it through sir
    me: but I could drink the whole thing and bring it through that way?
    security: ???
    me: what if I poured it into 5 little 100ml bottles, would that be ok?
    security: you can’t bring in liquids in bottles greater than 100ml
    me: so your reasoning for not bringing this “potential explosive” in is because it’s in a bottle, but it’s perfectly ok if it’s in 5 little bottles or in my tummy.
    security: ???
    me: what if I poured it into my [waterproof] bag?
    me: i could pour it into 5 of those little see through plastic bags you’ve got
    me: you don’t see how silly this is do you?

    ah it’s fun to mess with idiots

  4. dwarfthrower

    pinchy;1633989 wrote: ah it’s fun to mess with idiots

    Up until the time that the idiot in question decides to exert its power to have someone stick their finger up your date.

  5. pinchy

    dwarfthrower;1633990 wrote: Up until the time that the idiot in question decides to exert its power to have someone stick their finger up your date.

    you say this as if it’s a problem? ;)

  6. Canison

    They say they always have the same gender as the passenger doing the “enhanced pat down” so the person doesnt feel uncomfortable. What if I feel uncomfortable having a guy handle my junk? Can i request a female do it instead?
    Would that be sexual harrassment?
    What if i pop a viagra first? :D

  7. nosfer2d2

    somewhere there is a fetish developing around this airport scanner thing.

  8. carls

    Mang, I woulda thought that headline would be worth something.

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