Predator Tracking

I just saw a video demonstrating a new object tracking algorithm developed as part of a Ph.D project. Zdenek Kalal is a Czech student at the University of Surrey in the United Kingdom. He demonstrated his amazingly accurate system which can track almost anything a camera sees once it is selected. It does some pretty amazing things. In the video he demonstrates it by selecting his finger as it is filmed by the camera. The selection tracks his hands and follows it almost perfectly. What makes it amazing is that it learns from the movement and the tracking improves. One could train it over a short period of time to track your fingers, face or a car racing down a highway. With something like this we could have truly “Minority Report” style human-computer interface. As amazing as the Kinect was for Microsoft Xbox, this system looks even better.

Source with thanks to Satori.

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  1. cypher1024

    z3d;1660425 wrote: bit late for april fools

    Even though it was posted on on April 1, I’m reasonably sure that this is legitimate. If you go to the guy’s youtube account, the videos were posted between 3 and 9 months ago.

    I think Skynet just got its eyes…

  2. d3kst3r

    If this technology is allowed to develop it will be the biggest invasion of privacy the world has ever known. Imagine a global network of surveillance cameras that can track anyone on the planet.

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