Fascinating GIF Animations

Remember GIF animations? Remember the internet from last century and how there’d be those eyeball-raping headache-inducing images in each page—well, them and those blink tags. (A close relative to the “you” tag which I sure only [you] likes.)

Anyway, I came across these GIFs in my internet travels today. These aren’t like you old-school Geocities Old-school GIF animations, the are subtle pieces of art… sometimes you have to watch for a while to see the repeating movement.

From Me to You are self-shot and animated GIFs made by a NYC photographer.

Also, I found this website, If we don’t, remember me, which uses images and accompanying text from popular movies, and I must have lost a good 45 minutes of my day going though them. (You do eventually get to the end… eventuality. Also note that If we don’t, remember me can be ever-so-slightly NSFW in some places.)

I’m sure some of them will be possibly ripped to be used as avatars here… but be sure give credit where credit is due.

Want more GIFs? You can find some in our Good GIFs Thread.

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  1. Zanadou

    Marchpig;1665195 wrote: pfft, spent 3 hours in If we don’t last night, good stuff.

    Via Slashdot? That’s where I found them. Seemed frontpage-worthy.

  2. Nalixor

    I have not been, but after spending a few hours there. It is tamer than some other places on the internets that I won’t mention.

    It also earns a permanent place in my bookmark bar.

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