Lady gets all her Facebook friends tattooed on her arm

A woman from the Netherlands has had the profile photos of all her 152 Facebook friends tattooed on her arm.

The woman filmed herself getting the tattoo, which covers the length of her entire right arm, and posted the video on YouTube.

“After months of work I want to show you all my social tattoo,” said the woman, identified only by her YouTube username susyj87.

Some people are just born stupid.



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5 comments on “Lady gets all her Facebook friends tattooed on her arm”

  1. Lazlo_Panaflex

    LOL. Only 152 friends.

    Wat a looser.

  2. Tyrany

    I hope they never change their profile pics or unfriend her.

    Nah – I lie – I hope they all do.

  3. Ruze

    I might friend request her to see if she will get my ugly mugg inked on her.

  4. Sage Dufraine

    Odd idea, but shit the tattoo looks cool. I don’t like my 44 Facebook friends enough to do that.

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