Windows 8 developer preview out

Microsoft has released its Windows 8 Developer Preview operating system, for PCs and tablets, to the public as a free download.

This is the same software which Microsoft gave to developers on prototype Samsung tablets this week at the company’s Build conference in Anaheim.

And while this pre-beta version of Windows 8 is not close to ready for consumer consumption, and meant to be used by developers who are looking to make apps for the desktop and tablet OS, anyone can download the software — no developer registration or anything like that needed.

Download here


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9 comments on “Windows 8 developer preview out”

  1. CyberSniper

    I’m going to get a new HDD and try it out

  2. cranky

    Running up a VM install as we speak :)

  3. royale

    i just tried that, the install failed with some big arsed pop-up message from VMWare

  4. Pirate

    I tried on a windows vm on windows 7. Fail. Installing it on a pc now.

  5. CyberSniper

    I’m going to install it over the weekend let me know how you go. I will be doing a clean install on a new Hard Disk Drive. Installing via USB.

  6. Pirate

    Installed and interesting. It’s like the start menu has been fed steroids. The control panel is simple and shitty. I wish they’d stop changing this very damn version.

  7. CyberSniper

    I don’t like Simple.

  8. CyberSniper

    did you have to reformat the HDD when doing a clean install! at the moment I have one HDD for win 7 and the other is full of software that i want to use for win 8 thats if i dont have to reformat.

  9. Guest.

    I ran it up as a VM in VirtualBox, came up fine.

    It looks…..interesting…….

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