Aussie cops arrest man for bitcoin drug deal

Aussie cops arrest man for bitcoin drug deal

Two Australian law enforcement agencies are crowing about their arrest of a man who attempted to import illicit drugs into Australia using the online drug marketplace Silk Road. In a press release brought to our attention by CSO, the Australian Federal Police (AFP) and the Australian Customs and Border Protection Service warn Australians that users of Silk Road and services like it “will not always remain anonymous and when caught, they will be prosecuted.


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  1. cranky

    What it should say is "Police bust dude after customs find a suss package in the mail." It had nothing to do with Silk Road, the AFP are simply trying to relieve some pressure after the swathe of "A Current Affairs" type stories sensationalising how easy it is to buy drugs online.

  2. Aardvark

    I’ve just thought of a great way to shut down services like silk road for good.

    Legalise drugs.

    As soon as regular corporations are offering it over the counter, the illicit drugs trade will die a violent death.

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