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Racist Bogan identified, full video here

POLICE will prosecute Sue Wilkins, the woman who has apologised for a racist rant on a Newcastle-bound train.

Ms Wilkins has said she will seek counselling over her diatribe, which has received widespread attention on social media.

Describing what she did to ninemsn, Ms Wilkins said “it’s not nice what I did to that lady”.

“It wasn’t nice to say that to her because it’s not nice when people say that to me … call me white trash and fatso,” she said.

“I know how it hurts and I shouldn’t be saying it to other people.”

“I had a rotten day, I’ve been chasing work for quite some time now. It’s awful what I said to that woman, I do agree,” Ms Wilkins said.

“There’s no excuse to rant at people like that.”

“It’s awful and I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy, regardless of any race.”


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Dolphins surfing in Esperance

Dolphins surfing in Esperance

It was a crystal clear day in Esperance when filmmaker David Riggs decided to send his quadcopter over the Southern Coast town’s beautiful beaches.

The air was still, the sky was cloudless and the ocean was like a turquoise millpond.

Riggs seized the opportunity on that still winter’s day to launch the device, which has four rotors powered by an electrical motor and fitted with a camera.

He was hoping to film sharks which may be following whales, which usually begin their migration along WA’s south coast this month.

The quadcopter camera captured captivating vision of bottlenose dolphins surfing at Observatory beach.


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