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#FlyingMonkeyOps Creepy Fanclub

Hi. I am edeity. You may remember me from being voted the worst zgeeker to meet in real life. I think I still hold that title.

My darling other half (ms_edeity) introduced me Katering – which if you have been living under a rock with bad DSL is a cooking show. I was in an emotional state with family tragedy at the time, and worse, had only been posting on reddit all week. Thank fuck some Australians did something that was actually half decent and I didn’t have to murder another American college grad to feel better about having to pretend to enjoy their bland saccharine sweet humour.

So anyway, a quick google or two and I find that the comedians in the show don’t have any serious web presences, by which I mean internet stalkers yet. The management consultant part of my brain kicks into gear and I can see a career trajectory before them which gives me the opportunity to seize the first mover advantage on setting up THE internet stalker fan page for one of them. So I did. I picked the one that said shes a psychopath, cause we need to stick together and support each other.

So anyway – if you were ever interested in being on the groundfloor as part of an online movement to establish THE creepy online fan site for a star in the making, well this might be it. I mean why stalk a star after they have made it and have to compete with all the other stalkers. You need to get ahead of the curve here so when the other stalkers finally catch up, your already top dog.

So the Facebook page is:


I think facebook works by clicking Like or some shit. I really dont think anyone cares. But its something to do.

Also – what do you guys think of the #FlyingMonkeyOps being a thing? I mean it has a hastag and everything so it could totally legit become a trending thing. I like it. ZGeek was always best doing ops.



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Train go boom!!

Two West Virginia towns have been evacuated after a freight train carrying crude oil derailed and burst into flames.

Local websites published images of large flames and a thick plume of black smoke near a partly frozen river.

At least 14 cars were affected and one plunged into the Kanawha River, state officials said.

There are also reports that a train car crashed into a house, but there were no initial reports of fatalities.

Video source
Tomato sauce

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Australian logging company caught killing Koalas

Alarming footage has emerged of a mother koala and joey clinging to a falling tree at an Australian Bluegum Plantations work site near Warrnambool.

The video filmed near Bessiebelle, about 50 kilometres from Warrnambool, on January 28 and uploaded to YouTube on Monday, shows the incident unfold to the horror of two women behind the camera. It is believed the animals escaped unharmed.

After several koala deaths in 2013, the Rainforest Alliance temporarily stripped ABP of its environmental credentials. ABP – Australia’s biggest wood-chipping company – last year agreed to employ koala spotters during harvesting and also set a policy to leave at least nine trees standing around koalas found in its bluegum plantations.



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Microsoft launches HoloLens

The HoloLens headset is described as “the most advanced holographic computer the world has ever seen.” Basically, it’s a self-contained computer, including a CPU, a GPU, and a dedicated holographic processor. Again, THIS MEANS NO WIRES! The dark visor up front contains a see-through display, there’s spatial sound so you can “hear” holograms behind you, and HoloLens also integrates a set of motion and environmental sensors.

This doesn’t seem to be real holographics, more like augmented reality. But it’s still fucking cool!


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Seagull gets the biggest cheer at sports match

A seagull has made a miracle recovery after being struck by a ball during the KFC T20 Big Bash League clash at the MCG tonight.

The bird was sitting in the outfield at mid-wicket when he copped the full brunt of a pull stroke by Perth Scorchers batsman Adam Voges.

Melbourne Stars fielder Rob Quiney immediately signalled that he feared the worst for the stricken bird as it lay motionless on the ground, before he delicately carried it over the boundary rope and placed it back on the turf.


More proof how boring cricket is.

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