Douchebag cop books charity skater

A Victorian man who has skateboarded the Nullarbor to raise money for charity has copped a traffic fine and been told to stay off the highway.

Geelong musician Aaron Salta was shocked after a South Australian motorcycle police officer yesterday fined him $108 for riding a “toy” on a road that has a speed limit greater than 50km/h.

Mr Salta, 30, is less than 200km north of his destination of Adelaide, after setting out from Norseman in WA on a 2000km journey to raise awareness about depression.


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  1. Leonid

    A guy I used to work with did a rollerblade from Sydney to Goulburn to raise money for some breast cancer charity (his wife had died from It)

    He informed the cops of his intentions, they consulted hi way patrol and told him to leave on a specific day to minimize traffic volumes and disruption.

    Every copper on the way gave him a thumbs up – they all knew about him.

    That’s how you do things like this.

    As an aside, he didn’t make it all the way – rolled his ankle about 2/3rds of the way through.

  2. Ruze

    Fun police!

    I ride my skateboard on the road all the time. Cops really don’t like it. But fuck them, just skate away. They will chase you for a while but usually give up the chase at about the 50m mark cause they are fat donut eating motherfuckers.

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