Down Syndrome girl discovers she is a meme

Sick web trolls stole a picture of a young girl with Down’s Syndrome and posted it on Facebook with a caption saying “lose your virginity to a retard”.

Tearful Heidi Crowter has only just been told about the sexual and derogatory comments being made about an innocent picture of her online.

The 16-year-old has been the target of several other sick pages on Facebook bearing her image.

The photos of Heidi, from Coventry, as a toddler had been stolen from a website for a parents’ support group.

Source stolen from someones Facebook.
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19 comments on “Down Syndrome girl discovers she is a meme”

  1. muzza

    Welcome to the Internet!

  2. Pirate

    This just going to get worse now there are more pictures of her now. People just don’t think about their actions.

  3. PsychoNavigator

    The dumb thing was coming out about it. Now everyone knows what happened to potato.

  4. Scythe

    Pleasantly surprised. It’s The Sun, so I was expecting a bunch of chavs bleating about how the people using the photo should all be shot or drawn and quartered or something.

    Instead it’s a couple of hundred variations on ‘suck it up, princess’. Gold.

  5. Scythe

    Self-perpetrating recursion/Streisand meme.


  6. PsychoNavigator

    You mean like this?


  7. Hideo

    Which one is the mong?

  8. Hideo

    I’m going to hell …but i was going there anyhow, meh.

  9. Kommando

    U Mad? Close your eyes, take a deep breath and count to potato.

    If you’re havin’ internet problems, I feel bad for you son, I got 26 chromosomes, you got an extra one.

  10. The Duke

    Her mum needs a lesson on the culture of the Internet.

  11. gothick_666

    lol how we treat our mentally ill really says alot about us

  12. Zanadou

    It’s early, but you’ve already won the internet for that day. Well done.

  13. gothick_666

    link to the same page?

  14. gothick_666

    thanks for providing me with lulz on this boring day

  15. Kommando

    I love this thread so much, when i posted it on FB i lost ‘friends’ and poontang. delicate little flowers, they really cant handle their potato.

  16. Hairyman

    What did you do with the other 20?

  17. Kommando

    Fuck, im stupid. 23 chromosomes. Downs is trisomal 21.

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