Expose, Drunken Bogans in Bathurst.

I used to be able to honestly say that they only come here for the races & don’t actually live here but over the last 10 years there’s been a growing permanent Bogan populaton, not sure what’s happening as the population number is steady, it could be that non-bogans are leaving & being replaced by bogans or worse still non-bogans might be transforming into bogans.


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2 comments on “Expose, Drunken Bogans in Bathurst.”

  1. GeeWhiz

    Are you implying bogan is a type of zombie virus and we could all be infected? Nuke it now while they are still concentrated in their restful hive mode.

  2. Steelhip

    It is a zombie type virus, it is the TV virus. Can it be just a coincidence that "Freeview" and "Umbrella" both have 8 letters?

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