Five tablets more exciting than the iPad 3

Got a bad case of the Apple Launch blues? Found yourself staring dejectedly at your computer monitor, while wearing a commemorative black turtleneck and wondering, once more, “is that it? Where’s all the magic I was promised?” Well put down the emergency work scotch and get a smile back on your face – here are five exciting tablets that may just bring a little sunshine back into your life.


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  1. Lurgen

    Galaxy Tab? Please, yuck. It won’t see an OS upgrade from Samsung for ever.

    Asus Padphone? You’re fucking kidding me, right? I’m going to stick my phone INSIDE my tablet to use it? Better hope it doesn’t ring…

    Transformer Prime yes, I like. Time will tell if it gets OS updates though. If it does, this is the iPad killer on the list.

    Huawei? I’m not betting my $ on those guys just yet. Maybe they’ll still be at it in a year, maybe not.

    Galaxy Note is just a bigger Tab. Nup.

    My Xoom was awesome, but ICS? Nope, I was dumb enough to buy in Australia (so late release) and opted for 3G (wi-fi US users already have ICS) so I had to root it and apply a non-standard ROM (which isn’t exactly stable).

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