Flipper, you dirty sod…

For 10 weeks in 1965, Lilly’s young, female research associate, Margaret Howe, live with a dolphin named Peter. The two shared a partially flooded, two-room house. The water was just shallow enough for Margaret to wade through the rooms and just deep enough for Peter to swim. Margaret and Peter were constantly interacting with each other, eating, sleeping, working, and playing together.

As time passed, it became clear that Peter didn’t want a mom; he wanted a girlfriend.

And they called him Flipper… Flipper… tuna….


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  1. iLoveSchlampe

    God this reply doofer is a long-winded affair.

    Now, that being said, acknowledge my first post you bastards!

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  2. theaptpupil

    yay. fucking WP comment system.

    SO Pirate, I thought this was an upgrade, though I do like your choice on Xenforo- its a very nice piece of forum software that I wish I could afford for my clan’s forums

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