Forum claims firing of the first 3D printed gun

Forum claims firing of the first 3D printed gun

3D printers offer the promise of a world in which anyone can manufacture anything but, as with all technology, there are upsides and downsides. Last week we learned that handcuffs could be unlocked with a 3D printed key; now “HaveBlue”, a member of the gun enthusiast forum, which is named after a common semi-automatic rifle, claims to have carried out the first successful test-firing of a 3D-printed gun.

Bogus. They only printed the receiver. I don’t think you could print the barrel. Yet.

It does raise some interesting questions for the future of this technology.


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  1. cypher1024

    It’s just a lower receiver, (and there are a bunch of metal parts that go in and around it to make it functional), but it’s progress. I know Jay Leno has a machine that can print metal objects, but whether that material (and the finish of the parts) is suitable for barrels, I’m not sure.

  2. t101

    The part of the gun they printed is the bit that gets the serial number, so the question is, can you buy the rest of the parts without a gun license?

    If so, uh oh.

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