Geek and Sundry

The newish youtube initiative to give online tv a chance has given Felicia Day the opportunity to make “Geek and Sundry”.

It’s the new home of The Guild and a variety of shows including the G4 Tech Tv/Good Game esque show Sword and Laser, Felicia’s video blog “The Flog” and Wil Weaton’s new show called Tabletop which focuses on a different tabletop board games with guests from nerdland playing them.

In the first episode they play Smallworld, a game of fantasy conquest, with Grant Imahara (of Mythbusters), Jenna Busch, = (from internet land) and Day9 (a Starcraft 2 league commentator).



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5 comments on “Geek and Sundry”

  1. Scythe

    Kommando, if you wrote that blurb, you need to spellcheck. If you didn’t, you need to proof-read. Reading that was just painful. O_o

  2. Ruze

    New image girl is HAWT!
    I’d like to play with her on a table top adventure!

  3. sperm

    tabletop is supposed to be what :

    an extended ad for a board game ?
    instructional ?
    ego stroking celebrities ?
    time filler ?

    its certainly doing NOTHING as an actual review of the subject material ….

  4. Kommando

    the size of the entry box was very small and the text went out of sight.

  5. Thyrd

    I might have been interested if it didn’t have Felicia Day involved at all. She shits me.

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