Geek and Sundry

The newish youtube initiative to give online tv a chance has given Felicia Day the opportunity to make “Geek and Sundry”.

It’s the new home of The Guild and a variety of shows including the G4 Tech Tv/Good Game esque show Sword and Laser, Felicia’s video blog “The Flog” and Wil Weaton’s new show called Tabletop which focuses on a different tabletop board games with guests from nerdland playing them.

In the first episode they play Smallworld, a game of fantasy conquest, with Grant Imahara (of Mythbusters), Jenna Busch, = (from internet land) and Day9 (a Starcraft 2 league commentator).


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  1. sperm

    tabletop is supposed to be what :

    an extended ad for a board game ?
    instructional ?
    ego stroking celebrities ?
    time filler ?

    its certainly doing NOTHING as an actual review of the subject material ….

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