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4 comments on “Get F.U.C.K! Free Universal Construction Kit”

  1. Scythe

    They’re gonna get sued…..

    • That_Bloke

      Possible not, if they are careful they can make something compatible with the various toy systems without infringing on the patents, also remember that patents only last 25 years, 15 years in parts of Europe, Lego as well as many other construction toys are well past the expiration date of their patents.

      • Scythe

        I didn’t say it would be a successful lawsuit, or that they were actually infringing on any patents. I just said they’re gonna’ get sued, and i stand by it.

  2. sabreraider

    We recently got one at work. I’m listening to the loud fucker as I type this.

    I’d be all over creating zany shit, but I’m sure it would lead to a swift shit-canning.

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