Incoming…little programmers!

Volunteers have kicked off a project to set up after school clubs that teach young children how to programme computers.

Called Code Clubs, the sessions will aim to instil the basics of computer programming into children aged 10-11.

The clubs will be built around practical hands-on tasks that will include children making games and eventually controlling robots.

It aims to have 25% of the UK’s primary schools running a Code Club by 2014.


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  1. Ruze

    I approve.
    Back when I first learn how to code in VB, all I was given was an tape driven Amstrad (yes it was the late 80′s and that computer was hot shit back then) and a book full of code for games. I had to code up and compile the games before I could play them.

    Plus if you get to them at a young age, you might be able teach them right from wrong in the cyber world and avoid them putting on the black-hat.

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