Moron parents who don’t vaccinate their kids are bring back whooping cough

In its fortnightly Communicable Disease newsletter (PDF), Oregon Public Health officials note increasing cases of pertussis (whooping cough) in infants, with 146 hospitalizations noted in the 2 year period ending March 2011, and at least 4 deaths since 2003. Most cases are attributed to lack of vaccination, with 86% of those due to parents declining the vaccine. ‘Most of our cases are occurring in under- or unvaccinated children, so getting these kids vaccinated seems to the most obvious approach to reducing illness. In principle… pertussis could be eradicated; but we have a long way to go.

I think parents who don’t vaccinate their kids are child abusers. It’s just plain stupid.


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  1. Malakai

    Blah blah blah… (insert tinyurl link to conspiracy theory youtube video) end with catchy one liner to leave on a high note. That’ll teach ’em.

    I blame Jenny McCarthy for every under- or unvaccinated child that gets sick.

  2. WinterMuteAu

    True StarF*sh, but they will also take out any other kids who can’t get vaccinated for medical reasons or kids who still pick up the disease for other reasons.

    I wish it was a simple as you said, then morons like their parents would leave the gene pool.

  3. gothick_666


    i fucking love how a video on nutrition is considered a conspiracy theory on this site.

    as for the myriad of genetic conditions and so on.. i never mentioned anything on any of those topics, i merely stated that being healthy would eliminate MOST of the problems people are experiencing due to lack of vitamins and minerals – pick up a book you fucking douche bags =]

  4. gothick_666

    I NEVER SAID ANYONE WAS IMMUNE TO ANYTHING, ANYWHERE, NOT EVEN ONCE, way to take what i said out of proportion.
    and do you know ANYTHING of the natural medicines call iboga and kambo, i have used them myself when i went to chile and it CURED my soliasis instantly and my cousin has cured hundreds of people with things like brain tumors to depression to Alzheimer and so on, all CURED
    ..modern medicine has only just discovered these..
    not to mention what can be achieved with an activated merkaba, this isnt newage ideas, its fucking practicable and me and my girlfriend have been doing so for a while now, you should have realised by now that i dont care what you say about me or how u make fun of me, in fact thats why i even bother posting, it amused me when i am bored

  5. gothick_666

    "that most of the diseases for which we currently immunise would no longer exist?"
    yup thats it, and the reason personal experience with the more "controversial" side of alternative medicine, such as kambo can be discounted in the equation of whether it works or not is because these medicines require YOU just as much as the medicine itself to work.
    thats because reality is malleable as we are learning
    and regardless of what anyone thinks there are NO limits anymore.
    this is the most beautiful time any of us could have chosen to be born, and billions of you are wasting it

  6. Scythe

    Classic religious/mystical blame-the-victim response.

    "If it doesn’t work, it’s your fault, not the medicine".

    If you think there are no limits, feel free to throw yourself off a cliff. I’m sure you’ll be fine. After all, ‘reality is malleable’, right?

  7. gothick_666

    and there is no research (to my knowledge) on Kambo (frog medicine) because the people who were trying to study the frog werent even able to capture one for YEARS and when they finally did it was not secreting the poison, to my knowledge, it has never been properly studied.
    and thats without touching spontaneous healing..
    but thats just a conspiracy theory isnt it? just like nutrition and lucid dreaming right?

  8. Scythe

    Well….no. I wouldn’t. What kind of an idiot would say that medicine doesn’t work because the patient is lazy?

    Oh, that’s right. You did.

    I assume you’re writing this while growing another three inches taller, putting on 5kg of pure muscle and reducing your cholesterol, all while sitting in your chair posting on the internet.

    After all, ‘reality is malleable’, right?

  9. gothick_666

    "So, you are saying that we would be immune to them, then. Diseases only die off when there are no hosts to keep them alive."

    or when said hosts evolve to the point where they are in total control of the rate at which we vibrate – illness and disease are just vibrations – easily removable if you know how, acupuncture is a good example of people doing that right now.

    "Well….no. I wouldn’t. What kind of an idiot would say that medicine doesn’t work because the patient is lazy?"

    it requires YOU to believe that it will work, your believe will manifest that reality. simple as that, i know you cant accept it, and thats fine …this is just a troll after all, and i have succeeded 😀

  10. gothick_666

    its my right to bore you all to death with my rantings, clearly there so boring i can make any post get to 30+ comments 😀

    oh and with the jumping off a cliff advice: isnt that the kind of thing this site would get sued (yet again) over if someone actually listened..

  11. Scythe

    So, like I said before, if it doesn’t work, you get to blame the patient, and escape any retribution for the fact that your ‘cure’ doesn’t actually work. Nice work if you can get it.

    I’m still waiting to hear how you went jumping off that cliff. Heck, you don’t even have to do that. Just post a video in this thread of you levitating. Or throwing lighting from your hands. After all, those have just as much basis in reality as your other claims. Maybe you can light your head on fire – you just have to agitate the molecules in your face fast enough, and you’re all about being in control of your ‘vibrations’, right?

    Oh, and if you think acupuncture if about ‘vibrations’, then you fail at both physics AND alternative medicine.

    Retroactively claiming to be a troll after you’ve had your ass comprehensively handed to you by every poster in the thread is the kind of tactic an 8-year old uses. Especially when you continue posting additional evidence of just how out of touch you are with reality.

  12. Lazlo_Panaflex

    Using capitals does two things. It reinforces your position and confirms you as a nut bag.

    Also, my mum has aggressive cancer. It’s metastasised to her liver. Can you give me your cousin’s number. Perhaps he can fix her up. Thanks.

  13. Hairyman

    The lethal injections are usually a big slug of thiopentone, vecuronium and potassium. The thio is what knocks you out. The vec stops your muscles working and the potassium stops your heart. The vec and the potassium sting like hell. So she can still get what she wants – and we’d better not get in the way!!!!

  14. Kommando

    Science communication tries really hard to allow Scientists to talk to the general public, educate them at a basic level about what frighteningly complex things they are doing and how it helps them in the long run.
    Why does the LHC help you, how does NASA listening to the wind on Jupiter make your life better and why you should vaccinate your kids.

    But there are statistical outliers we call "Raving fucking hippies" who dont be cool and listen, they shut themselves off from reason, invent a kooky idea and then try to push it onto everyone while trying to discredit the science that has allowed them to live long enough to formulate this methodology.

    Drug design and metabolism is a science. When you rabble about alternative medicines made of roots and berries, frogs and flowers, be assured Science is investigating these things. We have these huge (big word coming) electrophoresis panels of thousands of receptors that we know trigger ailments. from hayfever to arthritis and more.
    We pay people (like you, yes you can be employed as a scientific sampler!) to go out into the congo and find this frog that you say cures cancer, menstrual cramps and dog farts and bring it back.
    we then pop the cute little guy into a blender and take some blended frog and put it into the thousands of trigger cells. zap them and see which ones react.
    then we take those trigger cells and investigate the frog or flower or seed more to see what part of it works, this takes a long time and a lot of money paying scientists pretty crappy salaries to find out if it actually works and what compound in the whole frog can be turned into a drug that lets your mum walk again. which they can then synthesise in the lab from basic chemicals so you dont need to milk/blend a rare frog each time you want a pill.

    Then come trials, in petri dish trials, animal trials, humans with little hope left trials, stage one limited human trials with double blind placebos, stage two human trials, these take a long time and some long thinking by an ethics committee.
    And then, and only then if it has still worked after all this, it becomes a marketable drug and is put in a little box for you to buy at the pharmacist for $23.95

    This is how kooky frog cures cancer stories become actual medications.
    This whole process usually takes ten years and over ten million dollars.

    not all of them actually work. but raving fucking hippies doent believe this and so people continue to chew iboga and kambo believing it will cure their soliasis.

  15. Megabyte

    Alex and I just got our pertussis booster shots now we have a 2 week old.. stupid needle hurts though!

    We’ll definitely be getting Juniper vaccinated as needed though, mind you it took us 6 requests for the hospital to give her her hepatitis b shot.

  16. gothick_666

    actually i didnt read any further than the part about hippies not being cool and listening to the men in white coats and something about those men listening to farts on jupiter

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