Scumbag caught on tape beating his ex.

Man, what a champ this guy is. Beating on a woman half his size. I think this asshole is about to be assfucked by the internet.

A woman has uploaded her video to the internet showing her getting punched by her husband, a disturbing case of domestic abuse. The worst part is her kids were in the room to witness the whole thing.


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4 comments on “Scumbag caught on tape beating his ex.”

  1. Phenyx

    This is really, really fucked. And the kids had to see it too (probably witnessed it many times already). AND he knew about the camera?

  2. sparky247


    Somebody needs to help this poor family from abuse like this, kids should not be subjected to this sort of abuse, I hope someone teaches this guy a lesson about respect.

    Don’t understand why people have to be such assholes and be so angry all the time,
    our world is so fucked right now and we need to stand up and help the abused and start having more respect for others.

    I wish I had the money to rescue people like this from abuse.

  3. muppet

    Not that it’s either here nor there, but she actually swatted at him first after he kicked the TV. Really, they’re both as fucked up as each other.

    To me, it looked like she was antagonising him to get something like this on camera. The first “hit” was actually blocking her swiping at him, and the 2nd was him retaliating for her striking out at him too. Again, it doesn’t matter who did what, it’s no way to settle any dispute.

    The only victims here are the kids.

  4. Scythe

    Um. She can upload a vid of an abusive husband, thereby antagnising him further, but she can’t leave said husband?

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