Tony Abbot firing a quarter of CSIRO scientists

Tony Abbot firing a quarter of CSIRO scientists

My god this fucker is set on making us the dumb country.

Almost a quarter of scientists, researchers and workers at Australia’s premier science institution will lose their jobs under the federal government’s present public service jobs freeze.

The blanket staff freeze across the public service threatens the jobs of 1400 “non-ongoing” workers at the CSIRO and could paralyse some of the organisation’s premier research projects, with a ban on hiring, extending or renewing short-term contracts effective immediately.



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5 comments on “Tony Abbot firing a quarter of CSIRO scientists”

  1. Up_All_Night

    Abbott is appearing much worse than our worst fears.

  2. Ruze

    Oh shit!
    He really is trying his best to take us back the dark ages. What a fuck-knuckle!

    It must almost be time to write a strongly worked letter to the Queen to get him taken out forcefully. It’s happened before, and can happen again.

  3. hazmoid43

    If the Labor party can muster the votes in the Senate to block supply or better still force him to cause a double dissolution, then it is up to the intelligent members of society to encourage the knuckle draggers to vote differently. Either that or encourage them to stay home on election day ;)

  4. Up_All_Night

    Damn, when I saw other people had commenting, I was hoping it was Leonid defending this.

  5. iLoveSchlampe

    Well he’s saving money left right and centre, just what he was voted in to do. Didn’t people think about how he might achieve this?

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